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Santa Barbara Weekly Real Estate Update

#santabarbara #realestate thru mar '15 has median sales up 22% & median sales price up 12% to $1.15M

#santabarbara #condo #realestate thru mar '15 there were 56 sales in march with a $587,000 median sales price 

#SantaBarbara #realestate east side to 4/27 had 72 sales $1.5M avg a $1.9M high a $380k low & $1.2M median

#SantaBarbara East Side #Condo #realestate to 4/17 had 35 sales a $812,325 avg price a $1.9M high a 4415,000 low & a $630,000 median 

#SantaBarbara #realestate west side to 4/17 had 60 sales a $7.8M high price $392,000 low & $865,000 median

#SantaBarbara west side #Condo #realestate to 4/17 had 27 sales a $774,259 avg price a $2.27M high a $460,000 low & $605,000 median price 


Please visit our other resources pages, Private Schools, Public Schools, Golf Courses, and my general Area Info pages.  We provide a great many services you will not get from other Real Estate agents in Santa Barbara and the surrounding area.  I've taken time to study and write these web pages, to detail the knowledge I bring to assist in your home buying.  Call us at (805) 729-0910 and ask for Gary or Laury to tell us your home preferences and arrange a tour of several homes that match your needs. Or fill out the form on our website describing Your New Home and we'll get in touch with you.

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