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2 Ways ToGo

2 Ways ToGo
by Gary Woods

I've been carrying around Jump Drives for a long time. Also called Thumb Drives or USB drives these things carry a lot of data and deliver it really quickly. My current favorite is a 32 GB drive from Corsair that I'm never without.

Recently I saw a new wrinkle on the Jump Drive from a company called Kanguru What they did was have the standard USB connector on 1 end and then on the other end they put an eSATA connector. A lot of notebooks and computers have eSATA ports on them that are used for super fast file transfer.

The unit comes only in black and sports a cap on both the USB and eSATA ends to help avoid any damage to the connectors. The eSATA cap is held to the drive by a detachable lanyard while the USB cap is completely detachable.

The drive is housed in a high-strength anodized aluminum casing and it's very long and wide making it hard to recommend for any applications on systems with a few or recessed USB/eSATA ports.

The eSATA flash drive is bootable and you can easily install Windows or Linux on the drive as a portable operating system that plugs into the back of the computer. Kanguru bundles the drive with a copy of HotSwap which is a freely available hot swapping utility that allows you to shut down eSATA, USB and SATA devices as easily as the Safely Remove icon on Microsoft's own Windows Operating System. The 64GB model is a little pricey at $120 but if you're looking for a large capacity drive with a fast way of moving data around this could be it.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc