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7 Is Heaven

7 Is Heaven by
Gary Woods

7 of course is iOS 7 the new Apple operating system and it's not really heaven but I liked the title so I went with it. I do really like iOS 7 however and particularly the new clean look so let's check out what I found most useful.

First, the control panel can be accessed by just flicking up from the bottom of the screen. From that screen you can turn off/on WiFi and Bluetooth, adjust the Audio Volume and Lock the Screen from rotating. Second, the Notification Center which you get by flicking down from the top of the screen has been re-done and can now show you what's going on Today, all your Notices or just the ones you Missed.

A really useful new feature is the redo of the Multi-tasking screen. Previously when you double tapped the Home Button all the open Apps would appear across the bottom of the screen and you had to press and hold the apps and then press the red circle with the white X to close them. Now when you double tap the Home Button a graphic representation of the program appears and you can just flick upwards to close them.

Safari, the web browser got a major update and it took me a little while to get used to it. The biggest difference is there's no separate box to enter your Search Terms. Now the line that shows you the webpage that you're currently viewing doubles as the search window. Also, in iOS 6 when if you wanted to search for a word on a page which you were viewing there was a separate search box. Now those results are displayed along with what you originally searched for.

iTunes Radio is a feature a lot of people are talking about. With it, you can stream radio stations from a wide selection of music. The feature is also available on your Mac, Pc and Apple TV all for free.

But my favorite feature is the updated Find My iPhone. With this feature if your phone was lost or stolen you could find its location. Unfortunately the thieves also knew they could be tracked so they instantly turned this feature off or deleted it altogether. Now, in order to disable Find My iPhone your Apple ID Password has to be entered. This feature should cut way down on iOS thefts.

There are a lot more cool new features so get on in and check it out!

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc