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A Parallels Universe

A Parallels Universe
by Gary Woods

For anyone who works mostly on a Mac but occasionally needs to wander into the dark side of Microsoft land, Parallels allows the user to display that Windows desktop on their Mac. If you have such a configuration and you also have an iPad the company has come up with a free App that allows you to remotely control Parallels virtual machines from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

There's so much technology going on there it about makes my head explode. When I heard about this I sat back for a minute and thought about running iOS from the iPad, contacting Mac OS through the internet and then manipulating Windows XP, Vista or 7.

Granted, this is not a perfect world solution because you need Parallels Desktop 6 running on your Mac and Windows 7 Aero is not supported, sound playback is not supported and the performance of video, 3D graphics applications and games can be slow depending on the connection but hey, I never promised you a rose garden. Besides if you want to play games and watch videos do it on the iPad.

As I always do when looking for new Apps I started cruising down the reviews and came up with quotes like, "this app is worth the price of the iPad", "parallels implementation is clean, intuitive and extraordinarily functional" and finally "up and running in 3 minutes."

If you love your Mac but occasionally have to spend some time with the folks at Microsoft, Parallels is a great solution made even better with this free App for the iPad.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc