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A Photographic Memory

A Photographic Memory
Gary Woods

When you're on vacation taking pictures like crazy the last thing you want to do is carry around your computer to store photos you just took so you can go back and take some more. I found a couple of products that could make temporarily storing and viewing your pictures a whole lot easier.

First, there's Digital Foci's Picture Porter Elite which retails for $470 and second there's Epson's $699 P-5000. Both products have large screens, built-in media-card slots and 80GB hard drives. They're both battery operated so you don't have to wander around looking for an electrical outlet and they both come with software that permits you to back up your media cards to the device's hard drive and then view them on the LCD Screen.

The Epson P-5000 has a larger display enabling it to accommodate 4-inch 640 by 480 resolution photos in gorgeous 16.7 million colors and would probably be the better choice for professional photographers but it only displays JPEG and RAW images.

The Picture Porter Elite on the other hand supports Sony Memory Stick media as well as JPEGs, GIFs, BMPs, TIFFs and RAW photo formats but displays them in a smaller 320 by 240 resolution LCD.

Of the two I'd probably go with the Picture Porter Elite with its $230 cheaper price and its wider range of photo formats, but either one would be very helpful when you're out there snapping your little heart out.

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