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A Swingin' Time

A Swinging Time
by Gary Woods

The other day I started thinking about playing golf again. I don’t know why, maybe I don’t have enough pain in my life. Being a certified geek I definitely wanted to hook up my geekdom with my golf and came up with Arccos Golf Club Sensors.

Arccos uses 14 sensors one for each club and is designed for use while you’re playing. The tiny sensors screw into the hole in the grip at the top of each club and then links to your iPhone using Bluetooth.

The cool part about the product is that it knows which club you hit and it measures the GPS distance between two shots to get the shot’s distance. To monitor how you did you just tap the screen and the distance between yourself and the green appears. Drag your finger around and you can get the distance to any point from your current location.

When you finish the round Arccos know how many shots you hit with each club and how far each one of those shots went. It even knows whether your shot landed in the fairway, on the green or in a sand trap.

The coolest part about the system is the analysis it generates in regards to your handicap. It breaks down this data as to drives, approaches, chips, sand shots and putts. If a particular segment of your game has a higher score than your handicap you’re not doing very well that day.  But, if a segment of your game is lower than your handicap then you’re rocking the house.

The only real down side I found to the product is that it’s pretty pricey coming in at $300. But hey, you’re a wealthy person and you definitely want to improve your game so check out Arccos.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors and he is a Broker/Associate at Sotheby’s International Realty.