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All Charged Up!!

All Charged Up!!
by Gary Woods

If you're like me when you travel you take a lot of gadgets and every one of them has something that needs to be plugged into the wall outlet of your hotel room. I end up charging my PDA, then sticking the iPod in the socket, followed by my Cell Phone and all the time I'm watching the batteries run down on my laptop. Well if this is a problem for you Monster Cable has come up with something called the Outlet To Go Power Strip. There are 2 models, one with 4 outlets ($20) and one with 6 ($30). They're light weight and the best part is that the outlets are widely spaced

If keeping your cell phone, digital camera batteries or GPS unit charged is a problem there's a device called the USB Cell which recharges AA batteries and is manufactured by Moxia ($20). To charge the batteries you just slip the device into the USB port of your laptop and a built-in LED will let you know when you're done charging.

For your iPod, we all know that its' batteries are never going to last while you play every one of your 1000s' of tunes. So to keep you rockin' you should check out Sonnet Technologies' Volta battery pack ($70). This unit will give you a full 16 hours of viewing or 80 hours of listening time and comes with a belt-clip holster which secures both the battery pack and your iPod.

So keep on rockin'!!

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