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All Day Every Day

All Day, Every Day
by Gary Woods

During my day I use a lot of computers and devices. I start the day on my 27" iMac then move to my iPad 3. A little later I'll probably be on my MacBook Air then when I'm out of the house I will be on the iPad Mini. And, just for good measure I'll check in on my iPhone 5S to view the changes I made on the other devices.

Somewhere in each one of those stops I'll have need of a Word Doc and maybe an Excel Spreadsheet or a PowerPoint presentation. I've tried using Pages, Numbers and Keynote on the Mac and iPad which can output whatever I write as a Word Doc, Excel Spreadsheet and PowerPoint Show or even a PDF but when I do that I have to still bring those writings back into Office for the final polish before I send it out for publication.

Recently, Microsoft released Office for iPad that has Word, Excel and PowerPoint in the package and to coordinate all that data they also put out OneDrive which is an online repository for your entire work product.

The problem was in order to make the package work which is called Office 365 it takes a one year subscription fee of $99.99. I've never rented software so I have a definite aversion to this pricing model but finally I broke down and spent the big bucks. Well, I'm lovin' it! I can start a Word Doc on the iMac then pick it up on the iPad and even do some editing on the iPhone. Then, when I'm done I can just email it out from whichever device on I'm working on at the time and call it a day.

The only downside I've found about Office 365 is that at this point you can't print out of it on the iPad but so far that hasn't really been a problem and I'm reasonably sure they'll work that little glitch out.

If you find yourself on a lot of different platforms then Office 365 is worth a look.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc