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An Acrobatic Conversion

An Acrobatic Conversion
by Gary Woods

It seems like these days most of the attachments I receive are Acrobat Files also called PDFs. The nice folks at Adobe came up with this file protocol which allows people on Macs, PCs, Unix Machines and anything else that's working out there to see the same file. The Acrobat Reader is free and most computers on the planet have a copy of it.

All that's great but every now and then I need to take one of those Acrobat files and edit it or extract some data. Unfortunately if I want to do that I have to purchase Acrobat Pro for $449. But, if all I really want is to convert a PDF to a Word Doc there are other alternatives.

On the PC side I use a program called Nitro Pro 8 which retails for around $120. It's a real work horse and I use it a lot. But sometimes I'm out there wandering around in the world and all I have by my side is my trusty iPad. If that's the case I found an App from Recosoft ( which converts PDF documents to a number of different editable formats.

The name of the App is PDF2Office and for the iPad there are 3 versions. PDF2Office Life converts PDFs to editable Text and RTF files and sells for $2.99. PDF2 Office for iWork converts PDFs to editable Pages, Keynote and Numbers Files and sells for $14.99. Then there's PDF2Office Business which converts PDFs to editable Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OmniGraffle Formats and also sells for $14.99.

Since I do a lot of work when I'm out with my iPad I went for the PDF2Office iWork version. With it I can view and edit the documents then export them off to Dropbox so they're waiting for me when I get home.

If all you're doing with your iPad is playing Angry Birds then keep on playing, but if you actually want to get some work done while you're out check out PDF2Office.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc