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Ask A Local!

Ask a Local
by Gary Woods

One of the fastest growing hobbies around is making your own videos then posting them on the Internet to let the world get a gander. For example, has become a huge repository of videos and was recently purchased by Google for a billion dollars plus. Success like that always attracts people who will put their own spin on a theme and to that end I found

This site is an online catalog of short films usually created by locals and with information featuring different cities around the globe. On the Santa Barbara page there were three films when I last checked. There was one about Isla Vista, one about Ojai and one about downtown Santa Barbara. The videos on the site run usually about 3 to 4 minutes but the one about downtown was just under 6 minutes.

There are very few videos about places outside of the United States, but I'm sure that there's more in the pipeline so check back often. The videos are organized into two categories: Locations and Activities. The activities portion is separated into subcategories like Ethnic Cultural, Foodie Havens, Shopping, and Tourist Attractions. One very cool feature of the site is they have Google Maps on the pages which pinpoint the location of each video and the surrounding neighborhoods.

In the catalog there are some off beat offerings like one narrated by a black clad vampiress, but overall I found them to be great fun and informative.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. You can hear Gary on the Radio at 1290 AM Monday 9-10 AM and he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc