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Backup Your Phone!

Backup Your Phone!
by Gary Woods

I've bugged you people for years about backing up your computers. Whether it's a full backup of everything on your computer or an incremental backup of just what's changed since you last backed up you've got to do it because sooner or later something is going to fail. But, what I haven't talked about is backing up your phone. These days a lot of us carry around a tremendous amount of data in our pockets or purses. From pictures, to phone numbers to email addresses and important documents we've got a lot of stuff that would be missed if it was gone.

Fortunately most phones ranging from the iPhones to BlackBerrys to Palm WebOS phones including the Pre to Windows Mobile come with syncing utilities that are designed to create a complete backup of your phone's contents. So, if you sync your phone with your computer on a fairly regular basis you're pretty well covered.

But, of the phones that don't have this kind of backup as a standard feature is my current favorite the Android Phones. The Android is designed work seamlessly with Google's cloud based apps like Gmail, Calendar and Contacts most of the data on the phone isn't backed up. To cure this little ill there's MyBackup Pro which for $5 wirelessly syncs all of your Android phone's data including apps, contacts, bookmarks, SMS messages, pictures and music playlists to a secure server. There's also a free version of MyBackup which backs up the data to the onboard SD card. So if you're a Droid freak like me, check it out.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc