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Bump On a Log

Bump on a Log
by Gary Woods

The iPad is a lightweight device that seems to get heavy after a few minutes of holding it. At 1.5 pounds for iPads 1 through 4 and only 1 pound for the iPad Air you'd think we'd be able to hold those little jewels up without tiring, but that just ain't the case.

There are a lot of iPad holders around but I found one that I definitely think is worth a look. It's the Lap Log from a company called Bamboosa. The accessory is a cylindrical shaped stand allowing the user to adjust the angle of the iPad, tablet or eReader for better viewing without changing their body position. The wooden insert accommodates most tablets and eReader devices and works equally as well in either portrait or landscape mode.

The "bean bag" design is made from all natural buckwheat hulls and provides for a stable platform on almost any surface. The product is washable by simply removing the wooden insert and dumping it in the machine and flexible conforming to any surface. It's also versatile working on a bed, couch or just sitting at a desk and travel ready weighing only a little more than a pound.

The Lap Log comes in 11 different solid colors with two sizes of wooden inserts and retails for $39 and there are also versions with 17 different prints like Eco Garden, Antique Lures and Bamboo Song which sell for $44 as well as 5 Kids models also retailing for $44. You add another $5 for postage and you're styling.

The Lap Log is a fun eco-friendly way to hold up your tablet or eReader when you're just too tired to do it yourself.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc