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Click Helper!!

Click Helper!!
by Gary Woods

When I was a kid every now and then mom would use Hamburger Helper to make more servings of the meat and give it a little spice. Well this article is all about stuff you can get to enhance your Digital Camera experience.

The Lensbaby 2.0 for Digital Single Lens Reflex owners is a lens extension that produces interesting and fun results. It is set in a flexible compressible plastic tube that you move by hand to bring part of the field of view into focus while blurring or stretching other parts of the image ($150 direct.)

The Bogen/Manfrotto 785B Modo Max is a lightweight tripod for small digital cameras that fits easily in a backpack. It has a ball head and four-level extendible legs. If you've got shaky hands this could be the thing you're looking for to make your blurry photos sharp and clear.

If you've ever found yourself wanting more than the built-in flash on your digital camera can give the Metz mecablitz 28 CS-2 Digital may be what you're looking for. It is an auxiliary flash that's triggered by your camera's own flash and extends its range up to about 40'. It retails for $130.

The Delkin eFilm Pop-Up Shade prevents your camera's LCD from being overwhelmed by glare from bright sunlight. The camera must be held at eye level or above so the shade (which is removable) won't restrict viewing. The Point and Shoot model $25, the D-SLR model is $30 Direct.

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