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File It!!

File It!!
by Gary Woods

In business we save and file everything. Basically, any piece of paper that crosses our desks gets put some place so if we need it, we can get it NOW!!! To this end, the Copy machine is kept humming and the scanner is constantly in use. To scan, we use a Fujitsu Scan Snap which has a duplexer. This means that it can scan both sides and a "doc feed" which means that we can put 30 to 40 pages in it and it will spit out a PDF, also known as an Acrobat file which can be displayed on a PC, Mac or any other computer format on the planet.

Okay, so much for the paper. Now to the Email, we've always used Microsoft's Outlook. It's an industry standard that can file and recall your emails, keep your calendars and access your client and personal databases. We've got emails and calendar entries from as far back as 10 to 15 years so if we need to know what was said and where we were on January 3rd 2001 a few mouse clicks and it's there on the desktop.

Alright, paper and email are covered so now what? Well, a lot of business these days is being conducted via text messages and voicemails. Up until now unless you left those Voice Messages on the server and Text messages on your phone and held onto that phone for the rest of your life you could have an issue. I tend to change phones about every two years so if I don't put that old phone in storage and keep it charged so it doesn't lose the data I could have a problem.

About six months ago I finally switched over to the iPhone 4S and it's been great. One thing that's pretty cool is that it stores Voice Mails on the phone itself. Most other phones store that data on the service provider's servers but on the iPhone they're actually on the phone.

Well, that was great but how do I get the Voice Mails off of the phone and into a file? After a bit of hunting around I came up with a program called PhoneView that displays the contents of your iPhone on your desktop and allows you to copy or delete it. Not only does it show you the Voice Mails but it also displays your Text Messages which also can be copied and filed.

An ancillary benefit of PhoneView is that in addition to your Voice Mails and Text Messages everything can be copied and saved. This means all your music, movies, books and pictures can be archived. PhoneView is available for both PCs and Macs. You can download it for free and use it for 7 days then if you decide to buy it the cost is $19.95.

If you have any suggestions or questions for me please drop me a note at or see my column on the Internet at or call me at (805) 729-0910

Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc