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Forest for the Trees

Forest for the Trees
by Gary Woods

There are a lot of times when I'm looking for something on the Internet and the results I get are a real smorgasbord of responses. The options that get returned have a kind of shot gun approach to them with some coming from Wikipedia, eBay, Amazon and any number of un-related sites.

For instance, I did a Google search for a piece of software I'm going to write on called CargoLifter. I got links to HowStuffWorks, MacUpdate, Aerospace-Technology and a YouTube Video about a blimp.

Then, along comes a cool little add-on to the Safari browser called "Safari Keyword Search." Keyword Search is a simple extension for Safari 5.1 and above that can change the default Safari search engine and enables keyword searching from the address bar. That's a very cool feature that's been implemented in Chrome. But, the extension also allows you to target where you want the information to be pulled from.

For example, you can search Wikipedia for information about monkeys by typing "w: monkeys" in the address bar. Then, the only responses you get will be from Wikipedia. Other abbreviations that Keyword Search recognizes are a: for Amazon, d: for, gm: for Google Maps and y: for YouTube.

You can edit or delete search engines or add your own by right clicking any web page and select "Keyword Search Settings." You can also add keywords and search URLs and delete or modify existing ones. By default Safari Keyword Search is set up to use Google but any search engine can be used as the default.

Safari Keyword Search is Share Ware meaning you can download it and use it but they'd love it if you'd give them a couple of bucks.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc