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Glide N' Slide

Glide N' Slide
by Gary Woods

Now that your computer has made its way into the living room whether via Wi-Fi, Ethernet Cable or you've just plopped a computer down next to the TV you've got to figure out a way to control this beast. What with the internet and streaming audio and video as well as whatever you've got stored on your network plus your DVD Player, iPod and live TV there's got to be a way that keeps you from juggling a half dozen remotes just to watch the news.

To simplify your life there's the Glide TV Navigator ( which is a pretty cool way to get all this technology into line. Instead of trying to control everything with dedicated buttons the Navigator keeps it simple with play/pause, fast-forward/rewind, skip-forward, and skip-back buttons. It also has a right mouse button and the Enter, Escape, Back and arrow keys that are forgotten on other devices.

The Glide TV application provides one-click access to a variety of applications and websites in a series of customizable 4X4 matrices. You can also search the entire Internet or limit your searches to a particular site like Hulu with the Navigator. Along with the Hulu desktop the device can control the SageTV set-top box, or even a Mac or PS3.

Instead of having a too-small-to-be-useful keyboard into the remove, the Navigator relies on an onscreen keyboard for the times you need to input alpha-numeric information. But you might also want to stash a wireless keyboard under the couch for those times you need to type more than a few characters. The Glide TV Navigator retails for $150.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc