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Gone In a Flash

Gone In a Flash
by Gary Woods

One of the gripes about the iOS devices of Apple is that they can't display Flash. Flash is a pretty cool system that shows off animation on websites but for the Apple Mobile products Mr. Jobs decided it wouldn't be implemented. Okay, I can live without Flash on my iPad. I've used Android Tablets and Phones that do display Flash and didn't find it all that impressive, so where is all this leading?

Why I bring all this up is that Adobe, the company that makes Flash has decided to no longer develop Flash for mobile platforms. What they've decided to do is package native apps with Adobe AIR for all major app stores.

The company has said '"instead of working on Flash for mobile platforms Adobe will focus on improving its HTML 5 tools and letting developers write mobile apps using Adobe's cross platform AIR runtime component."

Adobe had trouble implementing mobile Flash on any mobile platform including the Androids and Blackberry products, encountering problems that seemed to prove Apple's argument with the protocol.

So, if Adobe is abandoning Mobile Flash one wonders what the future for Flash on PCs will be. Apple has already stopped including the plug-in on shipping systems even though it's available for download.

Flash is likely to stay around for at least a while longer but with much of the innovation for both Microsoft and Apple pointing towards mobile platforms Flash could be out the door before we know it.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc