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Gotta' Run!!!

Gotta' Run!!
by Gary Woods

We've all seen joggers running along the side of the road with those little white iPod earbuds bouncing along with them. So I was wondering the other, what the heck are they listening to??

Probably most of them are just listening to tunes or Podcasts, but some might be listening to the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit ($29.00). The kit has two parts, a receiver and a sensor. The receiver plugs into your iPod Nano's (only the Nano) dock connector and the sensor attaches to your shoe.

To get started you enter your weight, choose either miles or kilometers, and pick either a male or a female voice to provide feedback. You then decide which workout to do including, basic, distance, time and calories. As you run, the iPod will keep you posted as to how far you've gone, and the coolest part is it gives you positive feedback from celebrity athletes.

After your run is over you press the End Workout button and your Nano will display run totals, including time, distance, pace and burned calories. Then, if you want to you can register with the Nike website and upload your data. The website will display the details of your latest run, as well as graphs of your overall progress.

If you're looking for a new route you can click on the Maps tab which allows you to search for runs in your area, or you can build and upload your own course with a version of Google Maps. Okay, so what are you waiting for, START RUNNING!

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