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Howse Fido?

Howse Fido?
by Gary Woods

One of the coolest parts of the new Apple Watch is the health monitoring that it provides. But, I started wondering about man’s best friend health issues when up popped The Voyce health and wellness monitor for your dog. Not only does this device track activity it also monitors heart and respiratory rates which can provide insight into how your pet is really doing.

Manufactured by i4C Innovations, Voyce takes two readings when your dog is at full rest and then reports a three-day rolling average of the activity that occurs. This rolling-average smooths out the variability of the heart rate and respiration allowing you to view trends in overall health.

A very cool feature is that Voyce includes a Vet View that gathers all relevant data which can be exported as a PDF to your vet. This kind of monitoring gives a much better picture of your pet’s health as opposed to readings that are gotten in the vet’s office when puppy is stressed out. One thing the company warns against is if you see a gradual upward swing in either heart rate or respiration you shouldn’t panic but rather get that data to the vet for further evaluation.

The collar itself is not a thing of artistic beauty. It’s rather utilitarian looking and currently it’s only available for dogs with a 12 inch neck or larger so for all you Chihuahua owners it could be a while before a smaller version becomes available.

The Voyce just dropped in price from $300 to $200 but to make it work there’s a $15 per month charge or if you pay annually its $150. That all seems pretty pricey to me but when you figure in what your vet bill would be if some health issue came up unannounced that number doesn’t look too bad.

Anyway, if you’ve got your Apple Watch how can you possibly deny your dog one too?

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors and he is a Broker/Associate at Sotheby’s International Realty.