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Hubba, Hubba!

Hubba, Hubba! by
Gary Woods

One of the issues with our handheld devices, both Apple and Android, is that we can't get at a whole lot of our stuff. The Androids usually have a Micro-SD card on board but you have to take off the back and un-seat the battery. On the iPads and iPhones external storage is still something that's in the future and with the new iPad going with the Retina Display the size of apps and files is growing substantially.

To ease this problem Kingston came up with something called the Wi-Drive. There are 3 versions of this external storage that I found on Amazon and they came in at $39.99 for 16GB, $88.98 for 32GB and $149.00 for 64GB.

The Wi-Drive can be used on a computer with a USB cable but the cool part is to use it on our handheld devices via Wi-Fi. By creating a kind of media Hub you go into your iOS device's Wi-Fi settings and find the Wi-Drive as an available network. By, default, when you connect to the Wi-Drive, you won't have internet access. However, the Wi-Drive can be set up so that it essentially acts as a Wi-Fi extender for your router. Once this is set, you can access the Internet as well as the Drive.

To get at your files on the Wi-Drive there are Free Wi-Drive iOS and Marketplace apps. Once the app is downloaded and opened you can for example, tap on a movie and it starts playing in the Wi-Drive app. Whether you're listening to audio or streaming video the transfer is very smooth.

If you're available storage space is about used up on your handheld device and you feel the need to watch a movie, listen to music or just get at some huge spreadsheet check out Wi-Drive.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc