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i Before P, Part 1

i Before P, Part 1
by Gary Woods

One of my cardinal rules is "never write about anything that's not out yet." But there's enough we do know about the iPhone that I feel reasonably safe in forging ahead. Some of what we know is the iPhone has no keyboard but it does have a Home button and a few other buttons on the side. To make a call, the user presses the Home button which takes you to the main window. A finger-press on the Phone application's icon activates the iPhone's calling features. From there you type a number on the virtual keypad that appears at the bottom of the screen, or you can choose a number from your list of contacts, recently received numbers or your favorites. The phone allows you to put someone on hold and to merge calls for a conference call with one touch of the screen.

The Voice Mail feature displays a list of your current voice mails, including names of who left them and the times they called. The best part is that you can listen to them in any order, saving the ones you want and deleting the others.

One very handy feature is that it has a proximity sensor that turns off the iPhone's display and the touch sensor when you bring the phone to your ear so that you don't accidentally tap one of the buttons while taking or making a call.

The phone even has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the screen's brightness depending on the surrounding light.

That's it for now check back next week for more.

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