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i Before P, Part 2

i Before P, Part 2 by
Gary Woods

Okay, time for more iPhone stuff. For Email, the iPhone supports rich HTML and inline images and it works with POP3 and IMAP email accounts. Also, Apple has partnered with Yahoo to provide free Blackberry-style push IMAP email to all iPhone customers. This means you don't have to request your email it comes down automatically.

The iPhone has a full SMS text-messaging client that looks a lot like iChat in OS X, and you can browse the Internet with a version of Safari that can load standard Web pages not scaled down versions. The Safari browser even includes a Google search bar and it also comes with a Google Maps application.

Even the ever present camera is a cut above most phones. The iPhone's camera has a 2-megapixel sensor and uses the very large screen for image framing. One of the best parts about the camera is the photo-management application that lets you view and sorts your pictures.

Of course the iPhone has iPod-like features to play music and view pictures and videos but the iPhone goes one step farther offering wide-screen viewing. The phone even recognizes when you rotate the iPhone and adjusts the image accordingly.

There are 2 versions the, 4GB model for $499 and the 8GB model for $599. There are no hard drives so that's all the storage you'll get and you can only get them through Cingular. The waiting list has already started so if you want one I'd hustle down to the Cingular store pronto.

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