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I Hate It, Part 1

I Hate It, Part 1
by Gary Woods

Alright, it's true confession time. Being and old curmudgeon, every time Apple comes out with a new product it drives me nuts. It seems they're always taking something away and leaving me with something I have to figure out how to use. I remember when they took away the floppy disk drive on their computers. I heard that little piece of news and looked over at my shelves brimming with floppy disks and thought, "now what do I do with these?"

The next little bump in the road was the iPad. I was okay with the iPhone, it seemed to have its place but a pad? Tablets had been around for a long time and they were definitely a "who cares" affair for me so when I heard about the iPad I took a huge yawn and said wake me when Apple comes up with something I can use.

After that I was getting ready to replace my old MacBook so I started to look into a MacBook Air and guess what? They left off the CD/DVD drive. So what am I supposed to do with all those CDs I have which sit right beside all those old floppy disks?

But enough about hardware, what about software? When Mountain Lion arrived with claws fully extended I made the discovery that they left off the "Save As" command for all the iWork stuff. I use "Save As" all the time instead of starting off everything with a blank page which always gets me nervous. Was there really a problem with "Save As" that made it go the way of the Dodo Bird?

What this is all leading up to is the announcement for the new Mac Pro. I've worked with computers for almost 35 years and this thing isn't a computer. A computer has panels that can be taken off to reveal slots where you can stick add-on cards. It has hard disk drive bays that you can put extra drives in. The Mac Pro looks like a wastepaper basket only it isn't big enough to hold anything.

If you haven't looked at the new Mac Pro yet, it's about 10 inches tall and when you take into account its whole area it's about one eighth the size of the current Mac Pro tower. It's constructed of modern aluminum based around what they call a "unified thermal core" which helps keep the whole thing cool.

Next week I'll look a little more closely at the new Mac Pro and tell what other things make me crazy!

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc