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I Just Can't See It!

I Just Can't See It
by Gary Woods

Whenever I pop open my Pocket PC I'm aware that other people are looking at me. I got curious about how other people felt about the problem of prying eyes so I found a paper by Forrester Research that said PDA users often overlook one of the largest security threats, their neighbor's curiosity. According to the study, the average PDA user does not consider the person sitting next to them a security risk. It continued, "However, as PDA use becomes more commonplace, the need to protect personal and private information becomes critical."

Now usually when I'm sitting there looking at my PDA I'm playing Solitaire or paging through my email so I really don't care if somebody is looking. But there are definitely times when I'd really not like to have anyone staring over my shoulder.

To solve this problem there is something called the SOLOvision Security Screen from ttools LLC. The product is actually two products in one. It looks like a traditional clear film overlay that adheres to your screen and protects it against scratches. But it also has a holographic image embedded in the film. The screen appears normal when viewed from the front, but when you look at it from an angle, all you see is a holographic image blocking the information on display.

The company is currently looking for distributors to promote the SOLOvision Security Screen and interested parties should visit the company's Web site ( for more information

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