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I'm Making a List!

I'm Making a List!
by Gary Woods

I've been told we're a generation of List Makers. Well if you're part of that generation or just want to go for it I've found a cool program. List-Pro for Windows Mobile Smartphone, Pocket PC and Windows PC has a wide range of features and it's customized to meet your needs. The features include the ability to highlight items in the list, strike through completed items, and create lists easily with a new simplified list creation wizard.

When you start List-Pro a directory of all available lists is displayed. You can create a new list from this page by pressing on the "New" soft key. Then you enter a name for the new list, the location where you want to store the list, and press the "Done" soft key. To add an item to the new list press Menu>Items>New Item and key in the name of the item. You can also add notes to the item and include a check box. Once completed press the "Done" soft key again and the item is now on your list.

A key feature of the List Pro is the high level of customization that can be done within each list. For example, you can add extra columns to a list to include additional information. You can also associate alarms with items in a list and password protect it.

For Pocket PC or Smartphone List-Pro is $19.95. And the Professional version which includes the Windows PC version is $29.95.

If you have any suggestions or questions for me please drop me a note at or see my column on the Internet at or call me at (805) 729-0910

Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. You can hear Gary on the Radio at 1290 AM Monday 9-10 AM and he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc