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Is That Me?

Is That Me?
by Gary Woods

If you're into internet forums or chat rooms as well as instant messaging or video games then you've seen avatars. What they are is graphical representations of you or the person you're dealing with. Roughly translated from Sanskrit, avatar means incarnation but it originates in Hinduism where its stands for "descent" of a deity in terrestrial form.

Usually if you're playing a game they offer you several avatar representations of what your character will look like and you choose one to represent you. But now an Animation Technology Company called Nito has come up with a face tracking app to make 3D avatars come to life.

This free app is a unique, fun and easy way to create and share animated video messages with your friends. The software tracks your facial expressions, movements and voice then mimics them in real time on a 3D avatar.

The basic software allows you to record 15 second videos with one of 12 characters, eight of which are free and the other four can be had for .99 cents each. Then, when you have your avatar the way you'd like it you can share it with nine social media and messaging platforms.

But, Nito has bigger plans for their little jewel than folks making and sharing avatars with each other. They want to appeal to the professional animation and promotional world and have already signed up their first three clients including two animation studios and a toy maker.

Currently Nito is available on the iTunes App store but the company will release Android, Mac and PC versions in the early summer. So if you've always wanted your own avatar that does your talking for you check out Nito.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc