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It Don't Look Right!

It Don't Look Right!!
by Gary Woods

If you've ever done any desktop publishing or even photo editing you know that what you see on the screen hardly ever matches what comes out of the printer. The first problem is that your monitor creates colors using Red, Green and Blue. And your printer creates colors using Cyan an off tone of Blue, Magenta and off tone of Red, Yellow and Black. Right away you can see we've got a problem. There are some calibration programs out there, but unless you're constantly re-calibrating both your monitor and your printer there will always be discrepancies.

One of the big names in color is Pantone . For years they've been the definitive authority on what a color is actually supposed to look like. They publish huge catalogues of colors that printers use to make sure what their clients want is what shows up on the page.

To help us make sure that what we're seeing on the screen ends up on the page Pantone has created something called the Huey. They've got two models the HueyPro ($130) and standard Huey ($90). Both the HueyPro and standard Huey function similarly. You load the calibration software into your computer, connect the cigarillo-size calibrator to your USB port, and then follow the software's instructions.

To measure the colors of your monitor, attach the suction-cupped calibrator to you screen and the device measures color temperatures. You can toggle back and forth between the before and after results then save the calibrated values.

So if you really want to print what you see, give Huey a call.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc