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It Looks a Little Scratchy!!

It Looks a Little Scratchy!!
by Gary Woods

If you've got an iPod you know the chrome back of the unit can get scratched up pretty quickly. To mitigate this problem I found a product called the Ice Creme Kit from RadTech ( that can do the job nicely. For $21 you get a kit that includes two kinds of polishing solution and two of RadTech's Optex Cleaning Clothes. Cleaning one of these devices can take a while so set aside about an hour or more. What you're doing is taking away the surrounding surface so be careful. If your iPod is severely scratched you can get RadTech's other product called Creme M for $33. This is the basic kit plus also an abrasive metal-refinishing pad.

If all of that rubbing is too much for you, there's ColorEnvy ( For $20 plus a $10 shipping fee they'll buff out scratches and apply a high quality clear coating to your iPod's front panel.

If the front of your iPod gets scratched there's a company called ColorWare ( that can paint your device any one of 23 glossy shades. For $64 to $74 they apply a scratch resistant, fade resistant finish.

Ultimately the answer is don't get it scratched in the first place and there are a number of very cool covers you can get. Contour Designs $33 Showcase Video will keep you scratch-less, and then there's iSkin's $35 eVoe. If you've got a Nano check out Ava's $20 SmoothE, or XtremeMac's $30 MicroWallet

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