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It's All About myvu!!

It's All About myvu!
by Gary Woods

The fifth generation of iPod allows the user to view video. I downloaded some trailers and short films and they looked pretty cool on my wife's iPod but it got to be kind of a pain holding the unit. If you were looking at a movie or even a TV show your arm would start to cramp up pretty quickly.

To make your video viewing a whole lot more fun a company called MicroOptical ( has come up with a product that puts the video directly in front of your eyes.

The $269 myvu, which connects to the iPod's headphone port, resembles a pair of space-age sunglasses. Inside the front of the unit is MicroOptical's patented display system, which the company has adapted from hardware it developed for the military. The display inside the myvu produces a 320 line picture that appears to be about a yard away from the user's face.

The user not only can see the video but also has the ability to see over, under, and through the optical bridge which means that you can continue to be aware of what's going on around you while still viewing your iPod's video and hearing the sound through integrated earbuds.

The device will work with any product that can output a PAL or an NTSC video signal, so it'll work with portable DVD players and more. It's compatible with RCA composite video and the three AAA battery pack should last about 6 hours.

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