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It's Real Neat

It's Real Neat
by Gary Woods

The other day I was looking over your shoulder at what you laughingly call your desktop. Forgetting the old coffee cup and M&M wrappers there is a lot of paper that I'm sure you think is organized, but guess what, it isn't. You've got receipts from lunches you had 2 weeks ago and business cards with people you'd love to start working with if only you could get them into some shape to do just that. So, the question becomes, what are you going to do get everything organized?

Well one way for you to get that pile of paper under control is a product called NeatDesk by the nice folks at Neat ( The hardware for the system is a 24 page per minute scanner that scans in color, greyscale or B&W CIS with an Automatic Document feeder. The device can hold up to 15 business cards + 15 receipts + 15 letter-size documents. Or, it can scan up to 50 letter sized documents with a paper size of anywhere from 1" X 1" up to 8.5" X 30". All those documents can be saved in JPEG or PDF formats and the data that can be sent to Excel, Outlook and Quicken as well as QuickBooks, Turbo Tax and more.

All those doc sizes and formats are cool I here you say, but when I really need this product is when I'm wandering around in the world and all I have with me then is my very cool smartphone. To solve that problem Neat has come up with NeatMobile and NeatCloud. NeatMobile turns your smartphone or tablet into a scanner holding your receipts and business cards until you can get back home and synch it with your computer. Or, if you're truly cool there's NeatCloud which will instantly transport that information to the internet so you can access it anywhere.

So, what's it all cost? The NeatDesk for Mac or PC is $399.95 direct from Neat and I found it for a bit cheaper on Amazon. NeatMobile is a free App for either iOS or Android phones and NeatCloud is $5.99 per month for the Personal plan and 1 user, $14.99 per month for Home & Office and 2 users and $24.99 per month for Businesses and 5 users.

Let's face it, you really need to get organized and NeatDesk seems like about as good a way as any so check it out at

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc