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Its Shiny

Its Shiny
by Gary Woods

Google has released something else for free you just gotta' have. It's their new browser called Chrome which is set to compete with Microsoft Explorer. Chrome has a very minimalist interface and works in what could be termed clever and convenient ways.

When you first open the browser you'll see a row of tabs running along the top of the page. There's a Web address bar, and a bookmarks bar that appears beneath the address bar and that's about it. There is no full-scale menu bar or title bar for that matter and it has very little else to get in your way.

With the touch of a button Chrome lets you make a desktop, Start menu, or Quick Launch shortcuts to any Web page or Web application. By stripping all of the toolbars from the window, you're left with something that feels more like a desktop application rather than an online app or Web page.

As you would imagine with something from Google search is an integral part of Chrome, and Google introduces some clever features like the ability to search other sites directly from the address bar.

Chrome can also search your browser history's page titles as well as page content. At this point Chrome still feels a little "buggy" to me so I don't know if I'm ready to make Chrome my "go to" browser yet but it's certainly very simple and easy to use and looks very elegant.

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