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It's the Wires

It's the Wires
by Gary Woods

I've never been much for playing computer video games. The only one I ever got into was the Myst Series. Nobody died in those things and you wandered around and figured out puzzles. I see a lot of people have things like the PS3 and Xbox hooked up to their TVs and I just hate the wires dangled all over the living room. If you're not much on clutter either I found the Kinect for Xbox 360 ($149.99) which is wireless

The Kinect sensor is a full body tracker that puts you in the center of the game. If you're thinking about getting the Kinect you should be aware that there are some limitations. Ideally you will need to be 6 to 8 feet back from the TV. The space will need to be clear around you so the connectors have a straight look at you and the room needs to be adequately lit. Also the Kinect unit needs to be 2 to 6 feet from the floor.

If all that works for you once you plug the unit it will detect whether or not your Xbox software needs upgrading and if so it will automatically do it. This upgrade took about 2 minutes then the system will scan your play space, analyze the audio background and detect the players. At that point you pick your avatar and your measurements are stored.

There didn't seem to be much lag time in the detections of movements which allows you to make rapid changes. So if you're looking for a system that immerses you in the game the Kinect for Xbox 360 could be your ticket to the stars.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc