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Jump On In

Jump On In
by Gary Woods

As usual, I updated all my iOS devices on the first day the new operating system was available. Now I don't recommend updating on the first day but I'm pretty crazed and gotta get the new stuff. But, YOU should always wait until at least the first update occurs. By the time you read this article it'll be safe to jump on in so let's talk about how to get the update.

Before you jump in however you should definitely back up your device on iTunes but before you do that make sure you have the latest version of iTunes which right now is 11.1.1. To get that update start iTunes and in the upper left hand corner click on iTunes and then on Check for Updates. After you've updated iTunes you're ready to back up your device.

To back up your device start iTunes on your computer and connect your computer to your iOS device with that adorable white cable that came with it. When you do so it will tell you there's a new iOS available and ask if you want to download and install it. When you first see that message say NO and then find your device in iTunes in the upper right hand corner. Highlight the device and in the Tool Bar click on Summary and then Back Up Now.

After you've gotten your device backed up to your computer you are then ready to install the new iOS. At this point you have two options. You can stay in iTunes and click on Update and it will download and install the iOS. Or, you can do what's called an OTA Update (Over the Air). To do this start your device and go to Setting then General and Software Update. If you do an OTA update make sure your device is plugged into a power supply and you're on the Internet on WiFi. It's not mandatory the device be plugged into power but the update will go smoother and if you're not on WiFi the update will put a serious crimp in your data plan.

I did 2 devices plugged into iTunes with a cable and 3 devices using OTA. The plugged in devices took a little over a half hour each and the OTA updates took roughly 15 minutes.

Anyway, in the words of that great philosopher Larry the Cable Guy, git 'er done, so you can start diving into iOS 7.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc