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Just Give It A Boot!

Just Give it a Boot!!!
by Gary Woods

The biggest news amongst my Mac friends is the ability to run Windows XP on their Macs. As much as they hate to admit it, every now and then there's something they have to do that just can't get done on the Mac.

As soon as the new Intel based Macs arrived I knew it was only a matter of time before somebody would figure out how to run Windows XP on them. Well that somebody turns out to be Apple and the program to make it happen is called Boot Camp currently in Beta form.

Boot Camp works only on Apple's new Intel-based Macs and requires the latest version of Max OS X (10.4.6) plus a firmware update to get it up and running. After that firmware update you can download, install and run Boot Camp Assistant, which burns a CD of the Windows drivers for you and helps you partition your Mac's hard disk and install Windows XP.

In order to install XP you have to purchase a Full Version of the OS which will run you about $200 to $300. Unfortunately you can't get by with the Upgrade Version because you're not upgrading from anything.

Once the system is fully configured you can hold down the <Option> key while booting to choose which OS to start. Boot Camp also installs on the OS X preferences page and a corresponding XP Control Panel applet installs to let you pick the default OS.

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