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Just Mousin' Around!

Just Mousin' Around
by Gary Woods

I've never really thought much about the mouse I use to control the cursor on my computer. In the whole history of the mouse about the only innovations I thought were worthwhile are the replacement of the little rubber ball that was always getting gunked up with a laser that doesn't need cleaning, and the scroll wheel which makes it a whole lot easier cruising through a long word document.

But, just when I thought that we'd gone about as far as we could go, along comes Logitech with their brand new $99 optical mouse with its' 420 components called the MX Revolution. This device has a new plated brass-and-rubber scroll wheel that can sense users intentions based on the type of document they open.

One wheel can either zoom through dozens of pages at the flick of a finger or ratchet down, line by line, for a slower viewing. A second wheel on the left magnifies or reduces text or can be used to flip between applications. Another button, below the front scroll wheel, lets users highlight text and instantly call up either Google or Yahoo searches of the highlighted text.

To get all those features implemented took thousands of lines of software code, but the results of all that work is an amazing pointing device. To be able to ascertain what kind of document you're gazing at and then supply you with exactly the right tools to make your work easier is very cool.

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