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Look Out Below!!

Look Out Below!!
by Gary Woods

There's no doubt we're going to be able to download high quality video sooner or later. Even Hi-Def content is going to be flowing down the pipe, but up until now the stuff that gets downloaded doesn't look like anything I'd want to spend too much time watching. Most of the downloadable movies look like they're about a half step above YouTube fare which is not to denigrate YouTube because what they do is great, I just don't want to watch a full length movie with that kind of quality.

Well evidently a whole lot of folks have heard our pleas and are getting prepared to give us the ability to download movies. For example, Time Warner some time this year plans to offer downloads you can burn to DVD. The really cool part is these downloads would be made available on the same day they're released to the retailers.

Blockbuster is also looking at a download service. They're currently testing it in Portland Oregon and in Seattle, so if those folks can handle it, we sure as heck can. The quality is not high-definition or DVD quality, but it's comparable to cable TV. The current speculation is that Blockbuster will charge $5 to $10 a month plus rental fees for the service. Even Wal-Mart is getting into the act with a deal that lets you add on a portable-ready video file for $2 to $4 when you buy a DVD.

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