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MacWorld/iWorld Part 3

MacWorld/iWorld Part 3
by Gary Woods

My final installment of MacWorld/iWorld starts off with a product from Crestron This Company makes systems that will control your entire home; office or classroom with, you guessed it your iPhone or iPad. You can set the temperature, raise the shades, and turn on the TV plus anything else you can think of. The price I was quoted for all this magic was around $1,600 but the options are varied so as they say in the commercials, "your results may vary."

Next, I found a couple of companies that will sell that old Mac for you. I haven't checked out the prices they're offering so I'll let you do the due diligence on this one. The first company I saw was Glyde and the other firm was $ellYouMac

I then came across PDFpen from Smile Software This software for the Mac lets you make corrections in original PDF text. It will also open a box in the Acrobat Doc that allows you to scribble your signature with the mouse or drag in a scanned signature image. It will also perform OCR on a scanned document to make the text editable. You can download PDFpen for a free trial and if you decide to buy it the cost is only $59.95. Compare that to what a full copy of Acrobat will set you back.

There's also a PDFpen app for the iPad for $9.99 that allows you to fill out an application, add your signature and email it back. You can also make corrections, fix typos and re-size or delete images.

Finally, from a company called Smappsoft I was looking for some stuff to bring home to honey bunny. You know it's always good to bring things back from a trip. Anyway, since she teaches violin I came upon a cool little $1.99 app called Scales and Modes. It's an interactive visual and audio reference for the diatonic scales and modes that are fundamental in music. You can view the modes on a musical staff then see the fingerings for keyboard, guitar and violin.

The company also had an App called Sounds of the Orchestra that featured a card matching game to test your memory and listening skills by pairing instrument by picture and sound. That App was also $1.99 but she turned her nose up at that one.

Anyway, that was my trip MacWorld/iWorld; I can't wait until next year to do it all over again.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc