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Make It Last Baby!

Make It Last Baby!
by Gary Woods

It's a fact of life. All iPods run on batteries and sooner or later those batteries are going to run out of juice. So, how can we make those battery sucking devices keep the tunes acomin' for as long as possible?

One thing to do, is to put it on hold. If you're carrying around your iPod it can accidentally go into play if it's bumped. So unless you plan to use your device right away, engage the Hold switch so it doesn't accidentally play when you're not listening.

The next thing is to shut off non-essentials. Things like backlighting, the equalizer, and Sound Check features all consume power. You need the backlight for viewing pictures, but you don't need it to listen to music. If you've added equalizer effects to songs in iTunes, by clicking on the Equalizer button at the bottom of the window, it's easy to undo them on your iPod. Just navigate to Settings: EQ and choose Flat. While you're there you can make sure Sound Check and Backlight Timer are set to Off.

Another thing is to avoid large audio files. To preserve battery life, the iPod spins up the hard drive, loads data in a 32MD SDRAM chip, and then spins down the drive. With larger files the hard drive has to spin up more frequently, thereby draining the battery. Finally, try to keep your batteries not too hot and not too cold this will make them last longer.

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