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More Closet Space!

A Better Idea!!!
by Gary Woods

Most of us have a lot of stuff these days so we're always looking for places to store out stuff. In the computer world this problem has become particularly acute with huge growth of Digital Music, Movies and Pictures. To help this problem out I started looking at external hard drives.

A relatively inexpensive solution that I found was from Western Digital and is called MyBook Pro. It has 160 GB of storage space on a 2.5 inch hard drive. It retails for $180 and connects to your computer via either USB 2.0 or 1.1.

If security is an issue for you there's the LaCie SAFE which is a 500 GB drive that sells for $250. The SAFE has an integrated fingerprint reader that should keep anybody but you out of your data. No security system is perfect, but the LaCie is pretty darn good.

Next up is the 640 GB Iomega UltraMax. This unit is actually two hard drives in one enclosure and can be configured in what's called RAID 0. This method spreads your information over 2 different drives increasing the speed that you can access your data.

Finally I saw the CMS Velocity2 RAID Backup System ($1,200). There are also two drives in this unit but it can be configured as RAID 1 or RAID 0. RAID 1 is my favorite because it makes an exact copy of your data so if one drive goes down you just switch to the next one.

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