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The Most Expensive Liquid On Earth!!

The Most Expensive Liquid on Earth!!
by Gary Woods

Okay, so what's the expensive liquid on earth??? You guessed it, Printer Ink Cartridge ink. I don't get how they can charge that much for the microscopic amount of ink that's in these things but they seem to be doing it. So, what can you do to fight back? Here are some suggestions:

If you're trying to print a web page and don't need the graphics copy and paste the page into a Word Document then delete the graphics and any text you don't want for that matter. This will do a couple of things, it will allow you to get just what you want and it will save your color ink for something you want in color.

Second, don't turn your printer off from a power strip; use the on/off button. The on/off button allows the printer to cycle down and park the print head where it is more likely to keep the ink from drying out.

Third, do everything possible to keep the ink from drying out. You should turn your printer on at least once a week and print a page that doesn't have a lot on it, but does have some color elements.

Finally, think about using what's called Draft mode. If what you're printing isn't part of a presentation that will be seen by the world you can print it out at a lesser resolution thereby saving a substantial amount of ink.

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