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My iTunes Runneth Over!

My iTunes Runneth Over!!
by Gary Woods

iTunes users have found no matter how big a hard drive they have it fills up. So what are you to do to make some room? A quick way to check out what you really listen to on your device is sort your music by Last Played or by Play Count. You can also create smart playlists for this purpose. To do this, Select File: New Smart Playlist, and create a playlist with this condition: Last Played Is Not In The Last (number) Months. You can try three or six months; you may be surprised at how many songs you haven't listed to recently. You can do the same with Play Count Is Less Than (number), and choose a low number to find songs that get very little of your attention.

Once you've figured out what you don't need you'll want to back up the songs you want to delete from your iPod. The easiest way to do this is to go to iTunes: Preferences, click on the Advanced icon, and then click on the Burning tab. Make sure Data CD or DVD is selected, and click on OK. (A data CD contains the actual music files; music CDs have to be re-ripped and don't hold as many songs.)

After you’ve refined your smart playlist to include only items you want to back up, select that playlist in iTunes, and click on the Burn Disk button at the top right of the iTunes window.

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