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On the Road With the iPad Part 1

On the Road With the Pad Part 1
by Gary Woods

After telling you all about travel apps in my 8 part series I thought I’d report on how we made out with our trip to Cooperstown to the see the Baseball Hall of Fame and then on to Boston for a walk on the Freedom Trail.

The first app which worked like a charm was the one from United Airlines. With it we were able to check in for our flights 24 hours before the flight and even use it as a boarding pass by just scanning the iPhone. Using the app to check-in also allows you to go through Pre-Check with the TSA so that saved some time in the airports.

Once on the ground in Albany which is the closest airport to Cooperstown I whipped out Google Maps and it GPSed us right through some amazingly bizarre toll roads and on to some very windy 2 lane back roads delivering us right to our hotel the Cooper Inn just four blocks down from the Hall of Fame. If you plan to use Google Maps as a GPS make sure and bring a cigarette adaptor because this app really sucks the juice out of your phone and for a 2 hour car trip I don’t think the phone would have lasted.

Once in Cooperstown I found an app from the Chamber of Commerce which had a list of their members businesses including hotels, restaurants including menus, some coupons for various activities and even the trolley schedule. Cooperstown is really only about 4 blocks long so the app while nice didn’t really help all that much. At the Hall of Fame I got some good pictures with iMovie which I’ll get edited and post on YouTube.

The real surprise to me in Cooperstown was their Verizon WiFi rocks. At breakfast I pulled out the Ookla Speedtest App and it showed me getting 45 to 50 mbps down and over 30 up. With Cox here we pretty consistently get about 25 mbps down with 5 to 6 up so a doubling of the speed was amazing.

The wonder of wonders however was the Cooper Inn had free WiFi which was also pretty zippy and came in very handy because with iOS 8 there are have been a lot of updates including 8.0.2 which would have put a severe hole in my data plan.

Anyway, next week, on to Boston and more news of the Pad on the road.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors and he is a Broker/Associate at Sotheby’s International Realty.