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On the Road With the Pad Part 2

On the Road with the iPad Part 2
by Gary Woods

After three days we left Cooperstown and once again cranked up the Google Maps GPS. The drive to Boston is roughly 4 hours so again I plugged in the cigarette adaptor , because without it my poor iPhone would have been sucking wind. But with the adaptor it took us right into Boston all the way across Massachusetts on the Turnpike arriving with a fully charged phone.

Google lead us right to the door of the hotel but not before a few moments of concern. As you may know a lot of Boston’s highways are underground because of the “Big Dig” so GPS doesn’t work so well without satellite access. But that said we were still able to navigate the maze and land right on the hotel’s doorstep.

In Boston one of the things we wanted to do was take a walk on the Freedom Trail with stops at a lot of places that played important parts in our nation’s history. I had down loaded the Freedom Trail app but unfortunately it wasn’t iOS 8 compatible so it just opened and closed right away. But, when I’d looked at the app at home they mentioned some MP3s you could download onto your device and these worked really well telling the story of what happened at particular sites.

Roughly the middle of the Freedom Trail was right outside our hotel so we started walking following the red brick road to such places as the balcony on which the Declaration of Independence was first read in Boston and the site at which the Boston Massacre occurred then on to the Granary Graveyard which is the last resting place of people such as Benjamin Franklin’s father. Samuel Adams and John Hancock are also buried there and it’s even the burial site of Ms. Mary Goose better known as Mother Goose.

Probably the best thing we did in Boston had nothing to do with electronics but it had to do with dumb luck. In our hotel there was a large wedding party and on our first morning at breakfast one of the ladies came up to us and said she had purchased the Premier Sightseeing package and now she couldn’t use it. So, due to her kind gift we had some great tours of Boston which on for 3 days.

The only other app that came in handy for us in Boston was Facebook because one of our friends starting posting her Boston pictures on Facebook so after swapping some text messages we had dinner with her and her friend.

On Thursday, get away day I checked the United Airlines app to check-in for our flight but they app had already checked us in so off to the airport we went a full 10 minutes away and home we came.

Your smart phone can definitely be a big help when you’re traveling so in the weeks running up to departure check around and see what’s available to you.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors and he is a Broker/Associate at Sotheby’s International Realty.