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Out On a Limb!

Out On a Limb!
by Gary Woods

I've been using my iPhone and iPad to take pictures and movies for quite a while. It's simple and easy and really a lot of fun. I told you earlier about the Makayama Movie Mount for the iPad which allows you to use different lenses and mount the device on a tripod. But at MacWorld I came across some devices from FastCapTech ( that can definitely stretch the envelope of my picture taking.

The iPole is a really simple device that places your iPhone on the end of a pole that can extend anywhere from 27" to 53". If you've always wanted to actually be in those movies you've taken of your family on vacation the iPole is the answer. With the assistance of a couple of free apps called TimerCam or Camera Timer you'll always be in the picture!

The iPole is also great if you're standing there at a parade behind some guy that makes the Yeti look small. If that's the case just stick your iPhone on the iPole and get a bird's eye view of the proceeding. Retailing for just $24.95 this is a great gadget.

The company also has the Stealth iPole that they say was developed for Homeland Security and gives you the opportunity to take pictures with what they call "ease and discretion." The Stealth iPole comes in 3 sizes, the Mini for $19.95, the Standard for $29.95 and the XL for $39.95.

I saw some shots they were taken with the iPole at MacWorld and they were just great and very amusing.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc