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Right in the Middle

Right in the Middle
by Gary Woods

I've been taking my iPad everywhere lately. The numbers of things I can do with it are astounding and if you read last week's column you know I also have the ability to tap into my desktop computer from the iPad with LogMeIn. The only downside of LogMeIn is that you have to leave your home or office computer turned on which I really don't like to do.

To get around this problem an app from a local firm crossed my doorstep which allows me to log into a virtual computer in the cloud. AlwaysOnPC taps into my Linux Desktop that has Firefox, Open Office Suite, DropBox and a total of 40 other applications. The beauty of AlwaysOnPC is that inside that Linux shell you fan run Flash and a more enhanced version of Java which means that a whole lot of websites that just don't work under the native Safari Browser on the iPad are now accessible to you.

The Open Office Suite when combined with DropBox give you an almost transparent means of getting your data started, created, edited and transmitted to wherever you need it to go. Plus, there are free apps that you can download to your Mac or PC that bring that virtual desktop right to your own desktop allowing you to drag and drop data both to and from LogMeIn.

Included in the $9.99 package is 2GB of storage space on their servers and when you add that to the 2GB you get with DropBox and the 1 GB you get with the free you've got a lot of space that you can use for storage.

At this point AlwaysOnPC is my Go To app when I'm out running around and I need to access web pages, edit, and crop as well as retouch photos or create Word, Excel or PowerPoint Docs and for $9.99 I think it's a real bargain.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc