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Sharing, It's Not for Everybody

Sharing, It's Not for Everybody
by Gary Woods

I'm always kind of amazed when I walk around some of my friend's offices. Their laptops or computers are open to whatever they were looking at before they left and they're nowhere to be found. And sometimes, there's stuff on those screens that I'm reasonably sure they don't want the world to see. One time we were showing property and the owner walked out the door and there was a loan application sitting there with their social security number plainly visible on their big beautiful 27" iMac.

If you're a Mac user and this sounds like a scenario that you live with then there's a very cool little piece of hardware that could be just what you're looking for. The Sesame Wireless Lock from Atama uses a small fob which you can wear around your neck or stick in your pocket that has a Bluetooth 4.0 radio that can run for months on a single coin cell battery.

The fob secures your Mac by interfacing with OS X's built-in screen saver password lock function and a companion application controls the distance at which the screen save should be engaged.

When you've got Sesame set up it will engage the screen lock and blank the screen at whatever range you designate. Then, when you return to your desk the password will be sent and your screen will look exactly like it did when you left ready to go back to work.

The fob is 2.36" X 0.91" X 0.31" and weighs just 9 grams and it works with the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and iMac. You can buy it direct from Atama for $39.99

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc