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Sing Along Time!!

Sing Along Time!!
by Gary Woods

All along you've known that Bing Crosby could barely make it through "White Christmas" without your help in singing along and Norah Jones desperately needed your assistance to truly plumb the depths of "Don/'t Know Why." But secretly youve looked for a way to kind of eliminate them from the package and do the whole job yourself.

Well to help you realize this dream the Griffin Company has come up with iKaraoke ($49.99). Using a slender light weight microphone that plugs into your Apple iPod's dock connector, the Griffin iKaraoke allows you to sing along with your favorite music that's been stored on your iPod.

The other end of the device plugs into your stereo via line-out jacks or it can broadcast your immortal warbling over an unused FM frequency by means of the iKaraoke's built-in transmitter.

There are controls right on the microphone that can adjust music volume as well as reverb. And best of all the pathetic offerings of Crosby and Jones are muted somewhat so that only your voice is heard.

The only thing that I found the iKaraoke doesn't do is stream the lyrics on the screen so if you happen to slip up there's no safety net for you. If you've always wanted to go on the road with a rock band but couldn't quite get time away from your day gig then iKaraoke may be just the ticket for you.

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