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So Many Photos

So Many Photos
by Gary Woods

Most people think that when you bring photos into your Mac and they show up in iPhoto or Aperture that they reside in one specific folder. Well guess what, they don't? You could have pictures scattered all over your hard drive with multiple copies of a lot of them. iPhoto does a great job of cataloguing and categorizing your pictures but where they actually reside is a whole other story.

To help you sort your way through all those duplicates there are some very reasonably priced pieces of software that will help keep you sane. One of the most effective offerings is from Hyperbolic Software ( and is called Tidy Up 2 ($30). It will search not only Aperture and iPhoto Libraries but also any or all of the folders on your Mac. It will search file type, EXIF data, and file attributes.

Another option is PixCompare ( which is free and will search in a single folder or two folders of your choosing. It rates the likeliness of duplicates and allows you to preview the original and duplicate image to ascertain which one you want to keep.

Then there's GraphicConverter 7 ( that retails for around $40. This software has a feature for finding duplicates that you access by choosing Edit, Find, Compare and Replace then Find Duplicate Files. You can specify whether you want exact matching files or similar files adjusting the slider for more or less similarity.

With all those huge hard drives running around out there there's no need to fill them up with duplicates of all those pictures you've taken so start getting the junk out of your trunk.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc