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So Many Sounds Part 3

So Many Sounds, Part 3
by Gary Woods

Last week we talked about getting set up with the Sonos Play speaker series and kicking it off with their Connect and Connect Amp devices. This week we’ll look at getting that big theatre sound and when you talk home theatre you always start with the center speaker.

For Home Theatre Sonos makes the Playbar ($699) wireless HiFi System. It’s simple to set-up and control and can make great sounds throughout your whole house. The Playbar requires only an optical cable which is included with the unit connected from it to your TV so you can control it with your TV remote or with the free Sonos apps on iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

If you only have a Playbar it can run on your home’s WiFi network while being connected to your TV with the optical cable. Or, if you want to add a Sub or rear channel speakers or both then one of your Sonos devices needs to be hooked into your home’s router

If your router isn’t where you want to listen to music then you can add a Boost ($99) or a Bridge ($49) which starts SonosNet and allows for Dolby Digital surround sound for your TV. These two devices do the same thing with a Boost being a Bridge on steroids making them the perfect solution for the challenging WiFi home environment.

I always say no home theatre is complete until the Sub-woofer is rattling the walls and Sonos has the Sub ($699). What’s cool about Sub-woofers is you can basically put them anywhere and they’ll deliver that great sound. I’ve got mine buried behind a love seat with a blanket on top of it. It’s neat to watch our guests jump out of their seat when the T-Rex puts its foot down in Jurassic Park.


Next week we’ll talk about controlling this beast that we’ve created with some very cool applications.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors and he is a Broker/Associate at Sotheby’s International Realty.