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Sum of the Parts

Sum of the Parts
by Gary Woods

I love all the built-in features on the iPhone. Particularly the Calendar, Address Book, Notes and Reminders, but recently I came across a free App called Osito which kind of brings all those services together in one place.

The app uses what is called "predictive intelligence" and offers many of the most noteworthy features of Google Now. Osito uses data on your iPhone which means you have to give it access to location services and to your calendar and you should also make sure and enable push notifications.

Osito then looks at your schedule, where your next meeting is, and where you're currently located and then gives you a nudge when it's time for you to be moving on and remarkably if there are weather issues like wind or rain the software adjusts the timing around those events. Also, if there is a traffic jam which obstructs your route the app will let you know; offering you new directions and the option to notify any contacts that you'll be meeting that you might be late.

If you travel a lot the app includes features like the ability to check your flight status and book taxis at the airport or if you've made a hotel reservation the app will alert you the day before check-in and a second time as you near the hotel.

All these features mean that there are a lot of moving parts so the developers warn that it takes about a day to build your profile before it can be expected to function properly.

Osito seems to be directed at commuters and busy executives so if your schedule isn't chock full and you stick pretty close to home then the app probably won't offer you much. But, if you're running around like a crazy person hither, thither and yon check it out.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc